weekend recap

despite the rough patches during the weekend, there were still reasons to smile. 

kodi won her first 5K with papa. we watched my youngest sister play in the championship lacrosse game. experienced daylight savings as a married couple. so far daylight savings: 3 the brothertons: 0. churched it up. found a great dog park for the girls. went grocery shopping. HORRAY. spent it all together as a family.

some shots of kodi & papa at the Dog Jog 5k & Mutt Jam
 running to the finish line//rehydrating//maggie being a great cheerleader//their cute medal


  1. that is so cool there is a race to run with your dogs. i know my dogs would definitely enjoy that for sure! you just say walk to them and they go nuts! your dog is beautiful

    1. we asked after the race, but most races will allow you to bring your dog. just need ask and have an updated rabies vaccination. she's running again in december. thanks!

  2. I'm glad your weekend got better! Beautiful dog! :)



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